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Designing a change management strategy for success

Designing a change management strategy at the commencement of a project allows you to plan sufficiently for the challenges that lie ahead, and allocate the appropriate resources where they are required.

Leveraged effectively, a well-thought out change management strategy will ensure valuable return on your investment, and a drive toward forward-thinking work environments for real business results.

A change strategy brings structure to your project, allowing visibility of what needs to be done, when, how and by whom.  We look at;

  • Organisational Design: What are the organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values? Do you have the right structure in place to support the strategy?
  • Organisational Readiness: Do your people believe in the change? Are they ready to accept it?
  • Change & Communication Strategy: Who are the key stakeholders that will be impacted by the change? How will you engage them in the change and how will you communicate with them?

Working well, a good change strategy provides forward visibility, allowing you to identify potential issues well before they become roadblocks that threaten to derail your project.

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