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Who are Mindset Group?

The Mindset Group is a consultancy that is passionate about enabling leaders and their organisations to achieve strategic outcomes by removing the roadblocks that inhibit performance and prevent successful execution.

We believe that there is no substitute for a great culture that enables people to reach their potential and this is only possible with clear, consistent leadership and executive teams that walk the talk.

The Mindset Group was established by Don Holley and Aaron Dodd to help organisations cope and thrive through continuous change brought on by social, economic and industrial shift.

We provide the expertise and tools usually available only to very large companies, to assist leaders from smaller businesses to transform their organisation’s culture, capability and processes and sustain positive change for themselves and their people.

Our methodologies provide our clients with insight and clarity into the reasons behind certain behaviours and the impact these behaviours have on performance and outcomes, both at an individual and organisational level. This assists organisations to build the self-sustaining, adaptive and agile human capital competencies they will require to navigate and remain competitive in a world where change is the status quo.

We have changed thousands of mindsets over the years and have made a real and lasting difference to individuals, groups and whole organisations.

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