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The IT division manages constant change

As the CIO or IT Leader, you know that the role of the IT function is changing and more than ever, must be an enabler of business strategy that drives efficiency and competitive advantage.


How do you do this within the context of

  • The “Cloud” and “software as a service” solutions offering new opportunities to reduce cost and change the focus of IT resources?
  • Workforce Mobility and BYOD solutions driving different user expectations?
  • Increased pressure for better return on technology investment (ROTI) from the organisation?
  • Changing skill sets required for new service delivery models?
  • The requirement for greater emphasis on information from the technology?
  • Increased collaboration at all levels of the supply chain?

As the CIO your reputation and effectiveness will be determined by your ability to foster business understanding within the IT function that removes operational obstacles affecting productivity and competitive advantage.

You are expected to

  • Create higher performing and customer ‘aware’ teams. For the IT department to become a ‘partner’ to the business, it is not just the CIO, but all members of the team that must be able to communicate effectively and present themselves credibly to the business, to build a collaborative environment with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Help business stakeholders to understand and adopt cloud solutions, when these are still viewed with suspicion and resistance.
  • Support the business when merging departments and entire organisations require disparate systems to be integrated
  • Develop leadership skills with equal priority to technical expertise.
  • Demonstrate the capability to successfully LEAD complex and rapid change and drive commercial and competitive outcomes
  • Help your business stakeholders understand technology as a business enabler, not just the device they use on their desks or on the go.

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Mindset Group can help

Mindset Group assists CIOs and IT Leaders to successfully drive and leverage significant strategic and cultural improvement quickly, efficiently and effectively.

With extensive experience in working with CIOs and IT departments, we understand the challenges being faced by IT leaders, in particular those driving major change. 

We work closely with CIOs to ensure organisations realise the benefits of innovation and technological change by engaging, building, mobilising and aligning your organisation’s people, capability and mindsets. 

People and cultural issues have continued to factor in the top 5 challenges faced by most CIOs and executives over the last 5 years (Ref. Prosci Research).

We specialise in supporting CIOs to:

  • Create, articulate and implement business and change strategy and align operational / project plans.
  • Engage key stakeholders across the business and drive visible executive sponsorship.
  • Define and implement effective organisational design.
  • Remove the physical and mental roadblocks to change.
  • Build Change Leadership Capability through our proven methodologies
  • Build committed competent and cohesive teams.
  • Provide the tools to effectively plan, align, implement, execute and track performance
  • Drive employee engagement and commitment for the overall strategic vision

Don Holley explains how CIOs can make their lives easier and manage change effectively, so they can focus on creating more value.

Olaf Pietschner
Origin Energy

Don worked with me and my leadership teams several times over the last 5+ years. Through interactive team and individual engagement, the team came to a much better understanding of both their capabilities and future directions. Capability gaps were identified, and then addressed through development and recruitment. Don then worked with the team to accelerate their development as a high performing group.

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