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Developing Leaders to Drive Change

Investing time, energy and funds into developing leaders to drive change within the organisation serves two critical purposes.

  1. It equips and empowers your Executive Leaders and Change Sponsors to effectively sell the vision and engage your people, ensuring better buy-in and alignment around the project.
  2. It helps your leaders to effectively develop those reporting into them, creating cohesive teams empowered to drive outstanding results.

Mindset Group helps you to effectively build change leadership capability that is aligned with what is required to successfully get to and maintain the future desired state.

Our approach will enable you to understand where the capability gaps are and how to bridge them, in relation to;

  1. The Executive
    One-on-One coaching and mentoring for critical executive leaders and/or change sponsors. Strategies to assist the individual improve their performance and effectiveness as a leader and sponsor.
  2. The Team
    Building and developing high performing teams is a skillset unto itself. How capable are your leaders at developing teams that produce high performing and deeply committed employees?

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