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Manage Organisational Change

A good change management methodology directly impacts people and process, forcing broad cultural change. Mindset Group is accredited in several best practice change management disciplines and also has the expertise to create your own project and change methodology in-house.

In most projects with a change management component, the volume of work and investment in change resources is focused on the process of change and small pockets or compartments requiring change. This results in the sustainability and ROI of change falling short of expectation and may even deteriorate further over time.

Project Phases

  • Scope of Work
  • Design Success
  • Implement Program
  • Embed Initiatives
  • Review Performance

By integrating a change management methodology at the inception of a project, which focuses on the people and leadership during change, we can often change the priority and execution of project activities, which places greater emphasis on project and leadership alignment upfront and during a project.

The key outcome for your organisation is an engaged workforce actively working together to create and implement change throughout the whole system.

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