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Culture Change

Leaders and executive teams determine and influence the values, goals and initiatives that mould an organisation’s intrinsic culture

Culture is either the key enabler of strategy execution or the silent force that kills it.

Culture change is a journey and not an isolated process. In most circumstances, culture is seen as intangible. It’s only when it becomes more tangible through resistance to change, ineffective execution of strategy, or poor performance that leaders recognise the drain and feel compelled to act.

Driving these changes requires leadership at all levels; but it has to start at the top. Leaders must link the culture to the vision and mission of the organisation to clearly demonstrate the importance of values and culture to the company’s success.

Mindset have been involved in culture change projects at all levels, from building a culture from the ground up through various phases of growth, to managing a change or improvement program where culture change is one of the key outcomes.

We have changed thousands of mindsets over the years and have made a real and lasting difference to individuals, groups and whole organisations.

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