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Customer Service Mindset

Customer Service Mindset is a one day workshop that provides Customer Service Representatives and staff with the tools and techniques required for a customer-focused corporate mindset and culture, inspiring teams to keep creating and delivering extraordinary customer value.

Keeping internal and current customers happy, turning around those disaffected and managing and meeting the expectations of new customers requires a specialised Mindset.

The ability to shift customers from one state of customer mindset to another is a skill successful CSRs specialise in. Get this right and your organisation will experience smoother internal relationships, acquisition of new customers, superior customer satisfaction, and increased customer loyalty.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a suite of communication techniques that will effectively engage ALL customer types
  • Recognition of internal customers and understanding their importance to your success
  • Embed a ‘High-performing Customer Service Mindset’ in your organisation
  • Improved impact, presence, poise, effectiveness and ability to ‘think on one’s feet’
  • Improved and enhanced ‘voice image’ and ‘congruent body language’
  • Development of emotional intelligence skills such as awareness and empathy, that are necessary to support ourselves and elicit positive customer mindsets and emotions
  • Skills to effectively ‘turn around’ tough, difficult and challenging customers - winning them over
  • Ability to effectively maintain a positive Mindset, enhance resilience and quickly recover from challenging conversations

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