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Performance Mindset

Performance Mindset is a two day workshop for organisations looking for improved or renewed performance from executives, their teams and their organisational culture.

Based on Mindset Group’s proven personal development framework, Performance Mindset instils not only essential success skills, it defines, develops, expands and sustains the Performance Mindset necessary to achieve visions, goals and strategies of individuals and the teams and organisations in which they participate.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Clarity on core values, purpose, mission, vision and goals leading to increased motivation, progress, action and improvement
  • Clarity on strengths and improvement resulting in action plans for on-going personal development
  • Practice and application of personal responsibility, accountability, pro-activity and being results oriented to effectively prioritise for more effective results in work and relationships
  • Improved ability to elicit emotions from ourselves and others supporting performance, success and improved results
  • Improved decision making, clarity, effectiveness and confidence
  • Strategies for eliminating obstacles to programming for success
  • The ability to motivate the best from ourselves and others using ‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Sport Psychology’ techniques
  • The ability to identify and work in our ‘optimal performance zone’
  • Self-maintenance: Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual practices for stress reduction, relaxation, health, poise and resilience in the face of challenge

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