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Sales Mindset

Sales Mindset is a two day workshop provides participants with clarity and direction on the Selling Process and its goals, teaching the importance of mindset in both the salesperson and the client – enabling participants with skills required to easily facilitate a change in client mindset from non-buying to buying.

At the heart of Sales Mindset is a unique Sales Process System applicable to Sales Success in virtually any industry, prospect or product combination.

Integrating proven sales tools and skills training with our own unique Mindset tools and strategies, participants develop the Sales Mindset essential for success, including self-awareness; building and maintaining confidence; positive attitude; resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain sales confidence by improving their personal impact, presence, poise, effectiveness and ability to ‘think on one’s feet’
  • Solid sales techniques that are adaptable and transferable to any industry, salesperson, product or selling situation
  • All participants will leave with tools, strategies, clarity and effectiveness on how to manage the sales cycle, including getting appointments, presentation, building momentum, handling resistance, closing and follow-up
  • By developing an understanding of the psychology of buying motives and the psychology of influence and persuasion, participants will be able to elicit ‘Buying Mindsets and Motivations’ from clients
  • Participants will develop emotional intelligence, specifically awareness and empathy, to recognise when they need to shift their own behaviour in order to better engage with the client
  • Mindsets and techniques for effective objection handling, closing strategies and techniques.

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