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Team Mindset

Team Mindset is a two day workshop for organisations looking to jumpstart new team formation and lay the foundation for high performing teams, or for existing teams looking to transition to new levels of high performance.

This workshop facilitates the evolution of team member mindsets to maximise and accelerate team adaptation, cohesion, effectiveness and success.

Team Mindset infuses leading edge ‘Team Process’ technology with skills and tools effective in facilitating through each Process Stage. Combined with our own unique Mindset skill set, teams learn the tools and skills to shift their mindsets to achieve results and goals.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Build insightful and resilient teams that are able to persevere in the face of challenge
  • Teams gain the tools and strategies to motivate themselves and develop a greater understanding of goals, roles and responsibilities, team cohesion and the trust needed as a foundational for high performance
  • Specific tools to promote, maintain and foster cooperation and achievement
  • Teams form mutually respective, encouraging relationships that lead to improved positive individual and team attitudes towards themselves and each other
  • Greater ownership and commitment to the team, its purpose, results and goals which leads to improved team decision-making, accepting responsibility and collaboration
  • Teams are able to resolve existing conflicts, implement strategies, procedures and policies to avoid future conflict and reduce likelihood of continued conflict
  • Improved collaboration, organising and effective planning through the identification and celebration of diverse strengths and personality styles
  • Improved relationships between team members in a team culture of mutual support and encouragement

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