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Talent Management Solutions

Mindset works with your organisation to build a Talent Management Solution that is fully customised to your specific industry and business needs.

Our goal is to reduce your cost per successful hire whilst ensuring that your employer brand makes you competitive. We work to align our interests so that a successful hire for us is a successful team member for you.

There are advantages to you if we work on retained assignment, because it allows us to learn and adapt to your business processes and operate as an integrated part of your team. With this arrangement, we can offer discounts for your long-term commitment and volume, and you do not incur the traditional costs to find, employ, train and support additional internal HR staff.

We can also create competitively priced packages on a project basis which make our search placements a strong value proposition.

We are so confident of our rigorous approach to recruitment, selection and management processes that we double the industry standard and put a six month guarantee on all our placements.

Mindset Group Methodology

Talent sourcing, selection and management are arguably some of the most important success factors for any business. But with the complexities all organisations face in regards to the shortage of available skilled talent, it’s becoming more and more unlikely you’ll yield the results you need with the standard ‘advertise and pray’ approach most recruitment agencies use.

Our role as a service provider is to;

  • Ascertain where the hidden talent in your industry is and determine the best way to source the talent that you need.
  • Establish benchmarks for each role, significantly increasing your chances of selecting the right candidate for the position based on data not gut feel.
  • Recruit proactively using search and advertising methods determined to best your suit your needs and reduce your time-to-hire.
  • Build a talent pipeline through proactive sourcing strategies including talent mapping, so you have an external succession plan to quickly pull potential candidates from.
  • Develop your internal talent through implementing best of breed succession planning.

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