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Talent Selection Based on Data, NOT Gut Feel

Selecting talent with the abilities, interests, personality traits and mindset to enable them to perform well in the job for which they are being considered is a business decision that should not be left to ‘gut feel’.

Recruitment and Selection processes that ensure the Job Fit AND cultural fit are right, will generate a better Return on Investment for your organisation

Mindset Group uses the online psychometric assessment tool, Prevue Assessment, to support and validate our selection process. 

Prevue assesses the unique abilities, interests and personality traits of candidates and then assesses their profile against a ‘Job Benchmark’ - the ideal traits that have been determined as the right fit for the role – which helps determine their Job Fit or suitability for the job. 

We tailor our Recruitment and Selection process to suit your organisational needs, managing as many or as few of the following stages as required;

  1. Organisational & role analysis 
    So we understand your business, the environment and the role. 
  2. Sourcing strategy 
    Which can incorporate search/and or advertising or other methods. 
  3. Response handling 
    We ensure candidates are handled professionally and kept informed through all stages of the process. 
  4. Shortlist 
    Shortlisted candidates are presented to the client with comprehensive consultant feedback. After meeting candidates, each of those short listed will be invited to complete a Prevue assessment
  5. Reference checking 
    This is conducted with at least three previous employers (if possible) and assists in validating the profile that has been determined through interview and assessment. 
  6. Final interview 
    Arranged by Mindset, this may involve role plays, scenarios and presentations. 
  7. Job offer, salary & contractual negotiations 
    Mindset can assist with this function as required. 
  8. Follow up 
    Successful candidates are followed-up at regular intervals over the first 12 months to ensure their transition into the client organisation is as effective and efficient as possible, and the candidate's productivity is maximised.

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