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Culture and Employee Engagement Survey

Prior to commencing any type of change or cultural engagement with our clients, we undertake a Mindset Check – an organisational culture and employee engagement survey that enables you to diagnose your organisational health and identify the areas that need to be improved to increase engagement and improve outcomes for the entire organisation.

How Mindset Check works

The Mindset Group’s staff engagement survey can be customised to your workforce demographics and delivered to your staff to complete online. Following its completion, we analyse the results and provide you with a leadership report that will help you;

  • Understand staff satisfaction levels and attitude
  • Pinpoint areas to improve performance
  • Understand your organisation’s capacity to handle change
  • Improve communication

As leaders and managers it is critical you can effectively pinpoint areas to refocus, reshape, and improve communication, and manage change effectively. This organisational survey will help you do just that!

The Mindset Check measures 10 key drivers critical to organisational performance;

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Customer Satisfaction
Is your organisation customer focused? How well do you understand your customer and how strong is your relationship with them?
How important are your organisational values to your culture? Do your people believe in them and demonstrate them?
Knowledge Utilisation
How well does your organisation utilise knowledge? Do your people have access to the knowledge they need and do they share it appropriately?
How well does your organisation foster innovation? Do you promote a culture that values innovative thought?
Training and Development
Does your organisation provide continual learning and development opportunities for its people?
How well does your organisation communicate with its people? Do you provide relevant information when and how it’s needed?
How effective is your leadership team? How do your people feel about their relationship with and performance of senior management?
How does your organisation recognise and reward achievement? Do your people feel their contributions are rewarded in an appropriate manner?
How well does your organisation value and prioritise teamwork? Are your people recognised for how well they work as a team?
Role Satisfaction
How satisfied are your people in their current roles. How do they feel about working in your organisation and the contribution they make?

Role satisfaction Teamwork Values Training & Development Rewards Communication Knowledge Ultilisation Innovation Leadership Customer satisfaction

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