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Personality and Psychometric Assessment

Mindset's Prevue Assessment Platform is a psychometric assessment and personality test that helps determine employee suitability for a job.

Prevue Assessment Platform

Prevue is an online tool that determines whether the abilities, interests and personality traits of job candidates match those required for the job for which the candidates are being considered.  Companies that are using Prevue Assessments have reported a 20–50% reduction in employee turnover.

How Prevue Works


Prevue Assessments are delivered via the web through the Prevue Online platform. Users simply enter the name and email address of the candidates they would like to assess and the platform does the rest.

Prevue Assessments are used for:

Candidate selection using the proven personality benchmark methodology Development and Coaching with a comprehensive range of reports that can be utilised in both individual and team development
Succession Planning, which is essential for any company to remain competitive, given today’s changing workforce demographics. Applicant Tracking with a complete applicant processing system that gives you an online career center that is attached to your corporate site. It not only advertises and processes job applicants but administers Prevue Job Fit testing.

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