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Performance Advantage—Appraisal System

An online appraisal system is an important tool in aligning organisation and employee activities and goals.

The ability to measure outputs is a critical aspect to help build a performance culture in your organisation. The Mindset Performance Advantage system provides this functionality in a cloud based system.

Performance Management is a system and process that links the organisation's goals and strategies to individual and team performance with the aim of increasing organizational effectiveness. 

An online appraisal system has many benefits

  • Serves as the primary vehicle for implementing organizational goals and strategies (cascaded from top to bottom throughout the organization
  • Aligns and integrates the goals/objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) of the organization vertically and horizontally through all job categories and levels, including management. In this way the entire system works together in pointing towards the critical bottom line measures.
  • Provides clarity to employees with respect to career objectives and associated training. This helps to address the number one reason for employee churn: lack of career development initiatives. 
  • Facilitates continuous performance improvement and organization development - the perfect Change Management and Learning Organization tool
  • Achieves quality and efficiency, i.e. to meet the customer's needs as precisely, quickly and cheaply as possible
  • Ensures clarity regarding work expectations and standards, reducing jobholder anxiety/stress, resource wastage and conflict
  • Continually enhances employee competence through the identification of output-related training and development needs and strategies

The Mindset Performance Advantage allows you to:

  • Conduct all appraisal processes online, significantly improving workflow and information capture compared to paper – based systems
  • Maintain a central source of employee data including, historical appraisals, current KPIs, training plans and job descriptions
  • Access additional modules that provide functionality for learning and development, cascading goals and multi – raters

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