How is your team coping in lockdown?
How are you coping?​

Right now, if your business is not in hibernation, many if not all of your employees are now working from home or remotely elsewhere. You’re relying on them to deliver what they can and be available. You can’t see what they are doing or how they are responding to customer needs, both internal and external.

Your teams are interacting via email, telephone and video conference – but it’s not the same, and it’s likely to be this way for many more months.
These good people you hired all have individual personalities – many will need social interaction to remain motivated – social factors are a big reason many people get up in the morning and come into to the office where they interact with their colleagues and friends. They may struggle with remote work and telecommunications rather than face-to-face interaction.

Others may actually thrive without the constant interruption of their colleagues. This period of isolation may be a revelation to them. They might find that when our lockdown eases, they won’t want to return to business as usual, and if their productivity has improved, you may not want them too either!

But who is who within your team? Do you really know? What is the best way to motivate and communicate with each of your team in their new circumstances?

If you are unsure, have a chat to Mindset. We have the tools to assess your team-members to understand their motivators and communication styles and preferences. Clarifying these is good for both you and your teams. What is the best way to get the best out of your team in these trying and new circumstances? It will also allow you to start planning their eventual return to the normal workplace, whenever that will be.

All Mindset’s tools can be delivered remotely and contactless. We support social distancing and safe workplaces. Call us now.

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