Our Approach. Our Thinking

Our Approach

Mindset is a group of passionate people who enable leaders and their organisations to make a real difference. We don’t just tell you what you should do, we help you do it. We’re your partner – there to ensure you succeed.

We understand business, people and culture. Bringing to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple industries and geographies, we identify and utilise untapped potential within organisations. We believe that success comes from asking the right questions, not just providing answers.

We take a genuine partnership approach, from discovery through to delivery, based on mutual trust and respect. We’re not afraid to ask you the hard questions to reveal challenges that must be faced. We’ll face them with you and support you in making those difficult decisions.

Our Thinking

We believe that individuals or organisations are unlikely to change what they do until they change what they think, and mindset is a critical factor to individual and corporate success. It’s so important we used it as the name of our company.

We are all unique in our personalities and deserve respect as to how we think and approach personal and organisational life. Whilst some are excited by change others may be extremely distressed. Our job as specialist consultants is to help you navigate extreme responses and garner the critical mass that will see you realise the desired benefits of change. The job of leaders is to execute it.

That’s also why we use the Prevue psychometric testing suite for recruitment of new team members and the development of existing ones, to ensure the individual is best suited to their role and your environment. For existing team members, coaching them to maximise their performance. We have completed many thousands over the past 20 years.

As consultants we are far less concerned with looking smart than learning. We are always learning and believe our own talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. It is impossible to effectively navigate the challenges of constant change when your mindset is to avoid failure rather than learn. We must stretch ourselves always to do better and see what is possible.