Recruit and organise with this powerful hiring tool.

Prevue’s APS Pro is an Applicant Tracking System that automates 90% of your hiring process. By marketing your jobs to potential candidates and helping you sort and track top applicants, APS Pro keeps your hiring materials in one place.


Organise your recruiting and hiring with an ATS

Streamline your employer marketing with APS Pro. It can automatically publish job postings to hundreds of job boards, or share roles and encourage referrals on your favourite social media channels.This applicant management system organises candidates and reports in one complete interface.

Use the customisable dashboard to screen, sort and save applicants; communicate via automated emails; track EEOC compliance; organise postings; and more.

Free up Time and Resources

With built-in screening measures and plenty of automation options, you can spend more time interviewing top candidates. Let APS Pro sort and rank applicants, contact them by email, and archive their details in a searchable database. Go through results yourself, or give access to someone else on your HR team.

Get organised with an Applicant Tracking System. Fill positions more quickly, and give candidates a streamlined experience they can appreciate.


Integrate APS Pro with any Prevue assessment

APS Pro can seamlessly pull in results from Prevue’s Abilities, Personality, and Motivations & Interests assessments. Data is displayed in clean and simple reports, making it easy to follow up with candidates who have the most potential.

The suite of Prevue assessments give candidates an exceptional experience–and ATS users find the dashboard just as user-friendly.

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