Mindset has been a leader in recruitment and targeted search programs for over 15 years.

Besides traditional advertised recruitment and selection projects, Mindset has the technical expertise to map potential candidates with a client’s industry or market sector. We can identify the key players and approach them with the opportunity to join our clients’ organisations. We are well-connected lateral thinkers and understand the importance of personality-fit to roles and cultures. This means our candidates not only have the technical skills to deliver you results, they’ll also gel well and last the distance.

Over the years we have worked on sales and marketing roles, operations and logistics roles, as well as financial and commercial positions. If you are tired of conventional “flick and stick” recruiters, chat to us at Mindset. Let us build the new capabilities within your workforce through our transformational recruitment approach.

Mindset works with you to develop a bespoke and comprehensive approach. We can include some or all of the following things…


Mindset can source candidates many ways depending on the position. We use advertised recruitment methods including major and/or specialised job boards like Seek and LinkedIn. For many government roles, printed advertisements in major daily newspapers are also required. Mindset has full in-house media placement capability if required.

Mindset drafts advertisements designed to attract the candidates you seek. These ads can be branded with your organisation’s details or those of Mindset. The choice is yours. Call us for a discussion about what will work best for your company and position.

Talent Selection

Mindset built its reputation on the astute selection of candidates who deliver for our clients. We use a combination of targeted selection interviews coupled with detailed state-of-the-art Prevue Psychometric Testing (link) to ensure that the candidates we recommend not only meet the qualifications and experience needed for the role but also the personality to fit your current or future organisational culture.

When managing an end-to-end recruitment and selection process, Prevue is an integral part of our service offering. However, we also have clients who come to Mindset with candidates they have sourced themselves but need further assistance to ensure they select the right one.

Executive Search

Exceptional talent has always been hard to find. Often the best people are already employed and are not looking for work. They are successful and happy in their jobs and rarely look at job boards and/or apply to adverts. Often the only way they can be reached is via direct contact.

Mindset has dedicated researchers who can map the talent in your market and identify high performers. Mindset can then contact them and have a discussion around their career and personal motivations. Once armed with this information, we work together with our clients to entice them to their businesses.

Talk to Mindset about how we can find your needle in your haystack.


Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a service Mindset carries out for many clients.

A more generalised search process, it focuses on creating and maintaining a detailed list of all the key players in an industry segment in a geographical location; for example, automotive lubricant salespeople in NSW.

Mindset will identify a complete list of possible candidates, their titles, and contact details. Depending on the client we will maintain an ongoing relationship with those on the list and update the list as people leave the industry or new people join it. When a vacancy does become available, we reach out to the list on behalf of our client. The process can dramatically speed up the recruitment and appointment process. Many clients consider talent mapping a form of external succession planning 

Workforce & Succession Planning

Many clients use Mindset to objectively evaluate internal staff for future positions within the company. Do they have what it takes to step up to a new role now? If not, what development do they need to reach the required level? What other roles could that employee take on? Do they want to do that role at all?

Mindset can take the guesswork out of succession planning, and ensure the right people are promoted – not just the popular ones!

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