Team Alignment

Our Programs

Mindset’s comprehensive program to improve team performance is based on many years’ experience addressing execution issues within teams. Using this knowledge, we have developed the 10C Model for Team Development®, which identifies ten areas of development critical to team performance and execution. 

Your Team

Using  Prevue  Profiles of individual team members, we build a team profile that identifies its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the different work styles at play. We use this information to develop a customised leadership program that: 

Ensures your team development programs are relevant to your teams, your jobs and the specific gaps you need developing.

Includes development regarding your culture and values. If your organisation already has values set, we ensure your employees understand them and can relate their meaning to their day-to-day jobs.

Fosters awareness of individual and team traits within your team and how that affects team performance.

Uncovers how your team dynamics and behaviours impact those around you (internal/external customers, other functional teams, etc).

Builds a culture that regularly produces high performing and deeply committed employees.

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